graphic art prints

These are a brand new series of graphic art prints, all limited editions, printed, signed and numbered by David Purdie. They are sold framed in the gallery, but can be ordered unframed online here. 

Talking of these David explains....

"I believe I've discovered a method to merge my love of vibrant colour and artistic experimentation with landscape photography. While I cherish the depth of colour achievable in painting, replicating it in landscape photography often appears artificial and jarring. I sought a means to liberate my photographs from strict depiction, so they can become interpretations or abstractions of landscapes. These images no longer merely describe a scene; they now serve as expressive reflections or artistic impressions of a place. This newfound approach allows for a more liberal and decorative manipulation of details and hues. It's evident that detaching the image from strict representation enhances its intrigue and aesthetic value, transforming it into an engaging print in its own right, rather than merely a window looking back to the original scene."

As frequent visitors to the gallery may recall, David received his training as a painter at Reading University and The Royal College of Art.

"As a young artist, I often made screen prints and noticed the potential of my (somewhat customised) printer, used for creating gallery prints, in producing vibrant colours akin to those achievable through screenprinting. Finally, I've discovered a method to incorporate these colours into my photographic-based artworks."