the london collection

Having lived in London in until 2006,  David decided it was time to return to re-photograph some of the landmarks using his skills developed and refined over the last 15 years, shooting landscapes for sale in the Purdie Gallery in Rye. He has also acquired considerable expertise as a printer.  Both these are brought together in this new set of prints. These prints are made by David himself, using the very best materials making an exceptional quality print, that will outlast all of us, even our youngest customers!

These are all new pictures, made to the very highest standards, uploaded to and re-processed by Adobe's latest AI algorithms, giving an truly exceptional level of detail, even on these large prints.

To fully realise the details in the pictures the limited editions are only available as the large prints size listed here. They are made up as a limited edition of 25 prints per view, printed, signed and numbered by David. UK shipping will be added to your order at £70 per print.