milky way over camber

milky way over camber

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The Milky Way, seen over the beach at Camber. Taken in summer at the Broomhill Sands end of the Camber. The bright star in the centre top is Vega, which 15000 years ago was our pole star. It is a sun that is bulging at the circumference because it is spinning rapidly. At over 200 miles per second!

Photograph by David Purdie.

All the canvas prints are printed and assembled by David. They are signed and the edition number written in the margin of the print on the back. The limited edition prints form part of a maximum edition of 250 regardless of the size of each print in the edition. So there will only be a maximum of 250 signed, numbered prints.

Often we will have a canvas in stock on the wall at the gallery in which case we can send the print to you immediately. If it is not in stock manufacture can take up to 10 days, but is usually finished sooner. If you need a print quickly please call us before ordering to discuss it. 01797 226 937

Canvas prints are supplied ready to hang with a brass wire on the back. 

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