limited edtion canvas prints

UK shipping for canvas prints up to £325 is £25, for canvases over £325 it is £35.

We use a broker for booking delivery so the service and carrier will vary. We try to use next day couriers where available at a reasonable price. Please bear in mind David makes all the limited edtion prints and they normally take about a week to do. We then book the shipping, they usually pick up the next day, and, with a bit of luck your print will turn up the day after that. We send tracking for canvas print delivery. We have never yet lost a canvas print in UK shipping, but were that to happen or it went missing, we would of course send a replacement to you.

If you need your print in a hurry ring or email us first to discuss it.

The options for delivery of very large prints have reduced recently, some of the companies we used to use have had really big price increases for larger prints, over about 150cm. So the bigger prints will sometimes have to be sent with a slightly slower service. 

smaller items like jigsaws and posters

The cost of these is calculated on total value of the order...

canvas shipping

large canvas shipping
£325.00 and up

medium size orders

small items

upper mid size order

eu shipping    

As the UK has now left the Customs Union it is likely that our EU customers will be charged import taxes and handling charges before the courier delivers. Until we know what this means in extra costs for our EU customers, sadly we have to stop exporting.