Thin David - no cause for alarm !!!

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Anyone who has been in the gallery since early 2021 might have noticed that there is a lot less of me than there used to be. This is the result of two years of running and one year of fairly strict dieting. 

I bumped into someone in the street the other day who said that it was nice to see me 'out and about'. The phrase rang a bell but it was only later I realised that this is what you say as encouragement to the mortally ill who have bravely ventured outside. Maybe they meant it in the sense of 'out of the gallery for once'. But whichever it was, I am aware that beyond a certain age witnessing a big weight loss gives all of us an 'oh dear is he ok?' moment.

Well I want to reassure everyone that I am more than OK. I am in better shape than I have been for many, many years, and at a weight I have not been since my 20s.

I'm often somewhat peckish but it's is a worth enduring to maintain my 5 stone/38Kgs weight loss, having now been the same weight for nearly a year. I'm running 5km several times a week, ahem, in under 30mins which is apparently a respectable time for an old codger. So there.





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