First photo visit to Beachy Head

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I always think that you haven't really seen a place until you go to take pictures, alone and with nothing else to do there. A visit with friends or family has way too many distractions and they aren't going to be amused with waiting hours so I can have a good look at the cliffs! 

So yesterday I went down to the beach at Beachy Head for the first time proper, to take pictures, and got very lucky with the light. It takes some planning to get a low tide and decent light, and it's a good idea to leave before it gets too dark. The pebbles and rock beach are tricky enough to walk on in daylight. And slow, it takes ages to get anywhere. I saved 20 minutes walk at either end of the shoot by taking an old mountain bike to ride the first less interesting bit.

I shot these on my SonyA7r2, mostly with sony's 28mm f2 lens, a few on the 24-7-f4 zoom and the longer telephoto shots on my ancient Canon FD 200mm lens with an adapter. Lowest ISO for everything and a bit of bracketing to handle the intense sunlight and the deep shadows on the rocks. These are roughish first efforts in Lightroom. 

Possible hard to see at this size but some great crepuscular rays over the sea in this picture.....



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