purdie gallery

  • £275.00

This limited edition print has been on sale in the gallery at the previous price and is now available at HALF PRICE.

All the limited edition canvas prints are printed and assembled by David. The limited editions are signed by David with the edition number on the back of the print. Each print is one of a maximum of 250 prints regardless of the size of each print in the edition. There will only be a maximum of 250 signed, numbered prints made.

They are very high quality, the first prints from the gallery are now 11 years old and still looking great. Some are even in conservatories, getting a lot of direct sunlight which is not a great idea but they seem to be holding up well. 

Canvas prints are supplied ready to hang with a brass wire on the back. UK shipping for canvas prints up to £325 is £20, for canvases over £325 it is £25.