Autumn Colour day - Saturday 19 October 2019

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  • £140.00

Autumn Colour day - Saturday 19 October 2019

Shooting at Hole Park in Maidstone 10AM to 6PM

Pickups for the day at 9.25am Tenterden and 9.45 Headcorn Rail Station or drive yourself and meet in the park 10am  - paid parking available.

On this day we will be shooting at what should be the peak of the autumn colours. David will take you round a variety of scenes and talk you through how to get the best out of this time of year. From camera settings, lens choice, framing and compostiton tips to the all-important post production of your RAW files, David will guide you the whole way to produce a fine set of pictures from your day.

In addition to the day itself is an online video tutorial sent to you to watch later, in which David processes the files from the best setups of the day. This wil be paying special attention to cropping, white balance, brightness and contrast settings in the pictures. Another very important part of this process is using the selective tools in Lightroom or simlar to lighten and darken different areas of the image to produce a harmonius and balanced final print. 

All workshops maximum of 6 people cost £140 per person includes tea, coffee with snacks and lunch.

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