workshop days

All the pictures in the purdie gallery are the work of David Purdie. These pages contain information about the workshop days. These days are all run by David himself.

For shooting & processing, there are beginners, intermediate and advanced days, for all levels of skill and experience. Most people fit into the ‘intermediate’ category. The beginner days are for those new to digital photography. The advanced days are for experts who need additional skills. We also hold night workshops.upcoming dates


march 16 advanced
april 6 intermediate FULL
april 13  night
may 4 intermediate FULL
june 1 beginners FULL
june 22 intermediate
july 13 intermediate
september 14 advanced

october 5 night
october 26 intermediate 
november 16 intermediate

The cost of our workshop days is £130 for most days, £170 for the smaller advanced group days. Please check the page for the day you are interested in to see the price.

To book please email or ring the gallery - full payment with the booking needed and please read the cancellation policy
purdie gallery
106 high street 
east sussex
TN31 7JE
01797 226 937