David Purdie photography workshops

All upcoming workshops are postponed. I will be emailing everyone booked in. My suggestion is that we convert all bookings into a credit to book into any workhop at any time in the future. This will be valid indefinitley so you can book into any workshop that is convenient when you are ready and able to do it.  David 20-3-2020



All our workshops are hosted and run by David Purdie of the Purdie Gallery

David Purdie leads photography workshops throughout the year which cater for all levels of expertise. In addition to your day’s shooting on location, the workshop includes an online video tutorial by David, sent to you to keep and re-watch if helpful. 

There are two types of workshop day… 

The general workshop days are designed to cover a broad range of subjects and techniques.
The themed days are much more in-depth, focusing on a single location, technique or theme. 

The maximum number of photographers on each day is six, so you are guaranteed plenty of personal attention and tuition. Advanced days are limited to four people. 
At the end of the workshop day we go back to the gallery for a short tutorial in processing pictures from the day. David screen records this and sends it to you later to download and keep on your computer. This means you can pause or wind back to re-watch the tutorial at your own pace. This is something that you will be able to keep and refer back to and provides a valuable reference tool for processing your own shots.

The cost of our workshop days is £140 for most days, £180 for the smaller advanced group days. Most day workshops are 10am to 6pm, night workshops 4pm to 11.30pm

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workshop day gift vouchers...

are a really popular present. They are vaild for 2 years and come as a stamp in a card, so you have something to hand over on the day. 

When the recepient chooses their day, they can book on the phone, or simply book on the website and enter the gift voucher number intead of going through the checkout payment on our site. Or they can book over the phone 01797 226 937. 

‘The workshop days are some of the most enjoyable times I have as a photographer. There is something very satisfying about helping someone to take their skills to new and exciting levels. I always benefit too from getting a different perspective on a familiar location. I have been running these workshops for over 10 years now and can say that no two days are the same. There is always something different to see and I have shot some of my most popular pictures while out in the field, with my workshop friends.’
David Purdie